June 11, 2022

"They're millions of Athletes that don't get drafted into the NFL, and even more that don't get scholarships to go to college... We Are The Alternative... GO INDIE PRO!"

Shedrick R. Perro

The IPFL is kicking off its New Private Professional Football League, with 40 Franchise Football Teams Owned by Former NFL Superstars.

We are making History as a group of Football Titans are banding together to change the Face of Football…

The Independent Professional Football League is opening opportunities for Athletes to earn a salary, while entertaining fans in stadiums and on TV.  The IPFL is a New Level of Professional Football, with 40 Franchise Teams, in 20 States.  All 40 Teams are owned by NFL Hall of Famers and Former NFL Superstars.  The league is designed to offer players a place to grow from age 8 years old to Adult.  The IPFL is structured with five (5) Age Divisions: Little Kids age 8-9; Big Kids age 10-11; Youth ages 12-14; Teens age 15-17; and Adult age 18+.  All divisions are paid positions for all the players.  The IPFL pays for all players travel and expenses during the IPFL Season.  Parents do not have to raise money to pay for their Kids to play, nor do they have to bare the expense of getting them to the games.  The IPFL is structured to make the players shine as bright as the NFL Players.  All IPFL Games are professionally Filmed and Televised on Broadcast, Cable and Streaming Platforms.  The goal of Indie Pro Football is to fill a major void in the Football World by treating the Athletes the way they deserve to be treated, in an Industry where millions of dollars are made from their performances.  The IPFL has structured a program where the Kids salaries are dispersed with 50% paid upfront and 50% placed in an Escrow that earns interest.  Some of the players come from homes that can benefit from their earnings, and not only enhance the lifestyle of the players, but also their families which ultimately makes life better as a whole.  The Adult Leagues offer players a chance to play the game they love, instead of working a job at Red Lobster or Waffle House.

Because the IPFL is ran by the Football Greats, they bring a level of mentorship that is more valuable to the younger players, because they have lived the life they dream of, so they can now Nurture, Guide and Lead them throughout their entire Football Journey.


We are looking for the Top Football Players from across the globe ranging from age 8 - Adult. If you believe you have the skills to compete on a Professional Level, let us see your skills. Come Play For The IPFL. GO INDIE PRO!