The IPFL has designed an opportunity that allows progressive minded individuals to Buy, Build and Brand their own Professional Football Team. The IPFL offers 4 divisions of Franchise Team Ownership under each IPFL Division ( Kids, Big Kids, Youth and Adult).  Team Owners can own One Team, or Multiple Team within Only One IPFL Zone.  Team owners will have the opportunity to build their own Team, including pick their own Original Team Name, Coaching Staff, Management, Team Mascot, Team Logo, Color Scheme, and Uniform Design.

IPFL Team Franchise Ownership requires Perspective Owners to make a One-Time Investment:

Kids ($100,000)  |  Big Kids ($200,000)  |  Youth ($500,000)  |  Adult ($1,500,000)

This Investment will secure the IPFL Team Ownership in perpetuity, and can be inherited by Owner's successors for all Sole IPFL Team Owners. If the IPFL Franchise Team is owned by multiple individuals or a group of individuals, All Owners must submit a successor to Manage their interest in the IPFL Team.  If the successors can not agree or bond together to run the Team, the Association of Independent Sports will take back ownership of the Team at an ETV (Estimated Team Value), set forth annually by the AIS. 

Team Owners have the rights to sell their Team, under the specific guidelines of the IPFL at any point in time, the Owner sees fit. All sales must be reviewed and approved by the AIS. Team Owners are allowed to set their own purchase price but can not sell their Team below the current AIS ETV.

All 32 Team Owners who's Teams advance to the IPFL Showdown, will receive an Owners-Stock Option.  The Owner-Stock Option is a profit sharing program that gives IPFL Owners One Share based on the following rates, with the estimated minimum projection show in parenthesis:

Kids 0.00065% ($1,198,080.00US - One Million One Hundred Ninety Eight Thousand Eighty US Dollars) 

 Big Kids 0.00085% ($1,566,720.00US - One Million Five Hundred Sixty Six Thousand Seven Hundred Twenty US Dollars)

Youth 0.0015% ($2,764,800.00US - Two Million Seven Hundred Sixty Four Thousand Eight Hundred US Dollars)

Adult 0.003% ($5,529,600.00US - Five Million Five Hundred Twenty Nine Thousand Six Hundred US Dollars)

The projections above show the minimum projections owners will receive based on the base percentages and does include the revenue from Ticket Sales, Advertising, Sponsorship and Merchandising which is included in the Ownership Stock Option and will be calculated and included in the Owners Share at the end of each IPFL Fiscal year.