The Association


 An Independent Professional Sports and Entertainment Corporation that provides amateur Athletes an opportunity to compete in State of the Art AIS Sports Production Complexes, Premier Sports Facilities, Stadiums, and Arenas at Globally Televised Games.


 To give Amateur Athletes a Platform to exploit their talents at the same level as Professional Athletes.


To secure State approval to bring State of the Art AIS Sports Production Complexes, Retail and Mixed Use Commercial Developments to selected Cities, with the purpose of establishing AIS Teams, Team Owners, Team Sponsors, and Team Support from fans at the local level.

 To raise Team and Brand Awareness through Televised Games, Social and Multi-Media Outlets, Merchandising, Advertising, and Public Relations to build Fan Loyalty for the Individual Players, Teams, and Hosting Cities (AIS Cities).


 To use private funds to promote Economic Growth and Prosperity in all AIS Cities.

 To create New Jobs by building State of the Art AIS Sports Production Complex Developments in one AIS City, every 5 years.