The AIS Football Division operates under the name Independent Professional Football League, the Indie Pro Football League or IPFL.

 The IPFL consists of 32 Franchise Team Slots within 16 AIS selected States, which are divided into Two Territories, which are then divided into Two Zones with each state represented by IPFL Zone A and IPFL Zone B. 

 Each IPFL Zone consists of 128 Franchise Teams.  These Teams compete in Single Round Elimination Games, during the Countdown, in an effort to win their Zone’s Official IPFL Franchise Team Slot, for the current IPFL Season.


 The IPFL is divided into two territories with 16 Franchise Teams in each.  The Atlantic Territories consists of teams that are in the deep South, while the Pacific Territories are made of Teams from various locations around the US.  2 cities will be selected in each state to serve as home base.



The Atlantic Territories: Host Cities in Parenthesis

Georgia (Griffin & Augusta)

New Jersey (Newark & Atlantic City)

Louisiana (Slidell & Shreveport)

Ohio (Columbus & Toledo)

Alabama (Birmingham & Huntsville)

North Carolina (Durham & Gastonia)

Mississippi (Jackson & Biloxi)

Virginia (Norfolk & Roanoke)




The Pacific Territories:

Iowa (Des Moines & Sioux City)

Arizona (Mesa & Tucson)

Texas (Austin & El Paso)

Utah (Provo & St. George)

Nebraska (Omaha & Lincoln City)

Idaho (Coeur d' Alene & Meridian)

Arkansas (Little Rock & Fort Smith)

Oregon (Salem & Medford)



The COUNTDOWN is Single Round Elimination Games, where the 128 Teams from each zone compete in 127 Games, played over a period of 18 weeks. The goal of each Team is to advance throughout the rounds to become the best Team in their Zone.  The 2 Winning Teams from each State will represent their Zone in the Showdown and become the Official Team for the current IPFL Football Cycle.



THE SHOWDOWN is Diversified Elimination Gamesä played over 14 weeks where the 16 Teams from each Territory compete to play in the Ultimate Showdown. The 4 winning Teams in round 4 will automatically advance to the Ultimate Showdown and the losing Teams from round 4 will play in Clutch Matches to the determine the Final 2 teams to advance to the Ultimate Showdown. Each Territory will send 6 Teams to the Ultimate Showdown.



The ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN is Single Round Elimination Games comprised of the 6 Winning Teams from each Territory.  The goal of each Team is to advance to compete in the Big O Bowl.  The Ultimate Showdown is designed to let the Clutch Teams play in the 2nd round, which gives the underdog teams a longshot at making it to the Big “O” Bowl.  



The BIG “O” BOWL is the IPFL Championship Games.  The Big “O” Bowl is a best of 3 Game Series that is played over 3 Sundays starting the last 2 weeks in October through the first week in November. (example: For the first year… Sunday, October 20, 2019., Sunday, October 27, 2019., If the Big “O” Bowl goes to Series 3, The Final Games for the Inaugural Season will be November 3, 2019).  During the 3 weeks, Big “O” Bowl, The AIS will host an event filled week called THE EXPOSION (Explosion + Expo), Starting the Monday after Game 1 of the Big “O” Bowl (First year Monday October 21, 2019 – Saturday November 2, 2019).  The Exposion will feature Concerts, Fashion Shows, Movie Screenings, Sports Clinics, Kids Amusement, Comedy Shows, Car Shows, Motocross Events, Exotic Car Show, UHNW Product Exhibits, and more.



All Players will receive their Championship Rings, Trophies, and Bonuses at a Star studded Awards Ceremony which will be held 2 weeks after the Big “O” Bowl Final Game, in honor of all the Players, Coaches and Staff.  The location of the IPFL Awards will be chosen randomly and will be held in a different IPFL Zone every year.