A. Mitchell - Birmingham, Ala. - Student

"I have never been really good at any sports, but I have a vast knowledge and love for the game. So when I was asked to come on as a GM for a Kids Team, I initially thought it was a joke, but its real.  I am starting my life long dream at a very young age, but Im going to make the most of this opportunity, and build the greatest Kids Team the IPFL and the World will ever see."

G. Ashton - New Orleans, La. - Coach

"I have been coaching youth sports for more than 12 years.  To see so many talented athletes pass through my clubs and never experiencing one, not even making it to play at the college level makes you wonder what is it worth.  But I would love  see some of these same Kids playing in the IPFL.  Getting the attention and recognition their talent truly deserves."

D. Richardson - Savannah, Ga. - Business Owner

"When I found out about the IPFL and their Team Ownership Program, I was reluctant at first but after reading through the Package and the incentives they offer, I decided to buy a Youth Team.  All I can say is, it feels great to boast the title of IPFL Franchise Team Owner."