The IPFL will begin developing IPFL Training Camps in each IPFL Host City. 

OFFICIAL IPFL Training Camps

 EACH IPFL ZONE WILL HAVE AN OFFICIAL IPFL TRAINING CAMP. All Teams who advance to represent their Zone in the IPFL Showdown will move into the IPFL Training Camps for the IPFL Season. During the Off-Season the IPFL Training Camps will be open for free usage for any IPFL Team in their Zone.

The Independent Professional Football League Training Camps are impressive state-of-the-art facilities designed to provide Professional programming paired with a  qualified staff to guide athletes on how to work more effectively as a team, appropriate workout modifications, improve cardiovascular endurance & strength, increase speed & coordination, reduce game related injuries using proper form & technique, and benefits of proper nutrition.

 Our facilities bring out the best abilities in our players as well as provide exceptional accommodations and housing for teams as they transition from Amateur to Professional.

Under the guidance of The Independent Professional Football League, athletes gain a better understanding of themselves and their sense of leadership and realize that with hard work, drive and determination anything is possible.

 The typical daily program includes:

Workouts – Discussions – Team-Building – Activities

On-site challenges – Leadership sessions – Orientation

 Athlete’s Accommodations, Equipment & Activities:

 The IPFL is proud to provide all players uniforms, equipment and accommodations