Question 1: What's Makes the IPFL Different From Other Leagues?

All Athletes who are part of the IPFL are paid for their participation in our globally televised games.  

Question 2: How Committed To The Safety Of It's Players Is The IPFL?

The IPFL is committed to the Safety of its Players.  We recognize that each player is at the Heart of our league and their heart and safety if paramount.  The IPFL provides health insurance for its players, and also provides insurance options for players families who wish to add this protection, and we provide the highest quality safety equipment, and partnering with Sports Medicine Specialist, who are present at every Official IPFL Game.

Question 3: How Do I connect To The IPFL?

The IPFL currently has 16 Host States across and covers 4 regions across the U.S.:  The Northern Region with regional offices in New York; The Southern Region with regional offices in Georgia; The Mid/Central Region with regional offices in Texas; and The Pacific & NW Regions with regional offices in Washington State.  Please contact your nearest IPFL regional office for more information.

Question 4: How Much Does It Cost To Become A Player In The IPFL?

The cost of registration varies based on players age division.  All Player Registrations include: Two Full AIS Uniforms (Complete with players Name on Back), Insurance, and Travel Expenses for all IPFL Players

Kids Division I (age 6-8)              Registration                      $25.00

Kids Division II (age 9-11)           Registration                      $25.00

Youth Division I (Age 12-14)        Registration                      $25.00 

Youth Division II (Age 15-17)       Registration                      $50.00

Adult  (Age 18 and Older)               Registration                    $100.00

Question 5: When Does The IPFL Season Begin?

The Official Season of the IPFL starts each year in June and runs through November.  The IPFL version of the Pre-Season is an 18 week inner Zone Single Elimination Exhibition starting in January of each year. Players as to see which Team will represent the IPFL in our Version of the Official Season. 

Question 6: How can I support the IPFL And It's Players

There are many opportunities to support the IPFL and its players.  We offer a variety of Sponsorship opportunities on a corporate level or you can simply Sponsor an individual player by paying their registration fees, or you can Sponsor an entire Team.  You can also simply support our social media campaigns and post by liking, retweeting, subscribing and sharing.  For more information on how you can get involved give us a call or send us an email.