About Us

The Association of Independent Sports AIS) is introducing a New Professional Football League called the Independent Professional Football League (IPFL).

IPFL offers an opportunity for amateur athletes to play in professional league franchise, where players will be paid to perform and compete in nationally televised games, on a TV Show Called the Showdown, The Ultimate Showdown and the Big “O” Bowl. 

The IPFL categorizes ages as 6-9 are kids, 10-13 are the big kids, 14-17 are teenagers, and 18 and up is the adult league. Cost and fees vary depending on the athlete’s age group but two full uniforms, essential sports items, and player insurance are included in this cost.

The IPFL pre-season consists of 18 weeks of consecutive game play where Teams from each Zone in the IPFL Atlantic and Pacific Territories will compete in single elimination rounds called the Countdown, to become the Champion Team to represent their state in the Showdown.  The Countdown Games are not televised and are only to determine representative teams for the AIS Cities Atlantic and Pacific Zones needed 32 teams.  During the Countdown players are not compensated.

The 32 Teams from each Zone that advances to the Showdown will become the Teams that play in the televised Games starting with the Showdown.  During the Showdown, each player will receive a salary and a generous bonus for each game.  ALL PLAYERS ARE COMPENSATED…  EVEN THE LITTLE KIDS.

The top 6 Teams from each Territory will compete in the Ultimate Showdown which is comparable to the Playoffs.  All players on the Teams that advance to the Ultimate Showdown will receive a Salary Increase and a per game bonus increase.  One winning Team from each Territory will advance to Compete in the Big “O” Bowl, which is the IPFL Championship Games.  ALL PLAYERS ARE COMPENSATED…  EVEN THE LITTLE KIDS.

The Big “O” Bowl is an annual sports/entertainment event that showcases the best of the best in the IPFL Franchise. These games are scheduled in October-November. Players receive a salary increase and a BIG Bonus for the Players on the winning Teams and an Appreciation Bonus for the Players on the Losing Teams

All IPFL athletes are compensated for their play time as they advance in rank throughout the season. The payment they receive depends on the teams’ age division and team advancement. 

IPFL is Open to Any and All Aspiring Athletes…..       #NO DIVISION